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Boxhead Unblocked

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1429288823_gameWelcome to the website where you can play Boxhead Unblocked at school. Its primary character is Jon Bambo(yes, I understand, who wouldn't need to play a game which has a primary character with such name?) There are several character you can select from: Bon, Bambo, Bind and Bert. The enemies are the demons and the zombies. Both of them are very strong and difficult to kill. As you progress in the game and move to a higher level, it becomes an impossible task.

The higher the amounts the zombies and the more rapid the game spawns, and you've got in order to use your weapons all efficiently if you need to reach a high level. When there are many zombies near use my private advice: never use the rocket launcher. It will kill you as it's edged blade, although it might appear that the weapon to go. Despite the fact that the Mines might not seem useful initially, only keep them in mind. They will do considerably more damage than did in the beginning, and might become your greatest company for simple killing when you reach higher degrees. All weapons have their upgrades and become more deadly as the game advances. The truth is, the UZI will most likely be the weapon you will use the most. The shotgun is really cool, also, so you will be left with the UZI, but it's limited ammo. And the greatest weapon is the Railgun. Oddly, I find myself using it the least, and only in really desperate situation where I do not have special or ammo weapon for the scenario.

In conclusion, it is a fantastic and addictive game to spend your time playing with a buddy or alone, while making barrels burst having much pleasure. Have fun with us playing Boxhead Unblocked Game.